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    Review #1

    A few years back, I needed to get my muffler replaced and was recommended by someone who said they have been doing business with Madison Muffler for over 10 years. They were wonderful! They're prices are VERY reasonable ( I work at a dealership). I'm a little rough on my car so just recently I needed my muffler fixed again. I dropped it off and just a few hours later, it had a brand new muffler--at NO COST to me! Because it had been replaced just a few years ago by the same company, they considered it under warranty. The owner is soo very nice and I would (and have) recommend them to anyone who is erie about going to a small shop. Thankyou Madison Muffler

    Troy, MI

    Review #2

    Have been going to Madison Muffler for as long as I have been driving (20 + years).  Prices are great and mechanics are honest.  On one occasion, I took my car in because the muffler was loud...turned out to be only a bolt that needed to replaced.  Total cost only $13 and some change...not even a minimum labor charge!  On another occasion, my husband took his truck in and told them he wanted the rear brakes done.  They looked at it and told us to pick up the truck because the brakes were fine.  Honest, honest, honest.  Highly recommend this place!

    Berkley, MI

    Review #3

    I took my 07 Titan in to Madison Muffler to have the phalnge and last part of the exhaust repaired. Dave was honest, thorough and very inexpensive. He didn't try to sell me parts or labor I didn't require. I would definitely refer friends and family to him. He actually welded my parts. Most places would not take the time to put in the extra labor.


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