4 Wheel Alignment

  • 4 Wheel Alignment

    Wheel AlignmentMadison Muffler & Auto Repair provides top notch wheel alignment. Whether it's 4 wheel alignment or front end alignment, Madison Muffler & Auto Repair can handle this service for you. If you feel your car pulling to the right or left this is a common symptom of a car or truck that is misaligned. A misaligned front end can ride rough and even be a safety concern. Misaligned vehicles will cause your tires to wear prematurely and unevenly costing you money and time. Tire alignment is an essential auto service that will help your vehicle ride smoothly, safely and more efficiently.  

    Front End Alignment

    Front end alignment mainly refers to aligning the front end of your car or truck. 4 wheel alignment references aligning all four wheels. Madison Muffler & Auto Repair can provide either essential service. We can also determine whether you will need a 4 wheel alignment or just a front end alignment. When performing a front end alignment, we will check and measure the angles and make sure the wheels are lined up, perpendicular to the ground and square. On vehicles with four-wheel independent suspensions, or front wheel drive vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions, the correct alignment to perform is a 4 wheel alignment.

    Car Alignment and Wheel Alignment

    Car alignment and wheel alignment are just two ways of saying the same thing. They still consist of adjusting the caster, camber and toe if possible. Not all components can be adjusted, it really depends on whether your vehicle is a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. If your car is pulling to the right or left then you will need an alignment. Don't let your misaligned car cost you more money as your tires wear out prematurely. Come in today and let the car care professionals at Madison Muffler & Auto Repair maintain your vehicles wheel alignment issues. 

    Alignment Shop

    Not all car alignment shops are created equal. Madison Muffler & Auto Repair has a reputation for providing superior service at an affordable price. We will look after your vehicle as if it were our own. A good tire alignment will save you money in the long run, allow your vehicle to ride safely and smoothly and extend your miles per gallon. Let Madison Muffler & Auto Repair be your preferred tire alignment shop!


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  • Muffler Repair, Brake Service and Auto RepairMuffler Repair and Auto Repair

    Recently updated January 15th, 2019

    Do you need a new muffler? Do you have a bad catalytic converter? Is your exhaust system giving you problems? Well, you've found the right place! Auto repair services is what we do!

    At Madison Muffler & Auto Repair we are a family owned and operated muffler shop and auto repair services facility. Located in the beautiful city of Madison Hgts MI, we believe that we have an obligation to our community to provide fast, reliable, friendly and honest auto service. 

    Over 120 Years Of Auto Repair Services Experience!

    With over 120 years of combined auto tech experience we have the know how to get your job done right. From cars to trucks we can fit your vehicle with the correct muffler and do it at a lower price than our competitors. Because we are an independent, family owned auto repair and muffler shop we can offer our customers the lowest prices in town! But don't take our word for it, come on in and find out for yourself.

    We Install Performance Exhaust Systems!

    Not only do we perform general muffler repair we also install custom exhaust systems using Flowmaster, Magnaflow and Dynomax mufflers among others. We have the capabilities to custom bend any exhaust pipes to fit your classic or performance car. We specialize in dual exhaust systems and other custom fit systems.

    Brake Service

    Madison Muffler & Auto Repair specializes in auto brake service! The braking system on your car can literally save you and your family's life. Worn out brake pads can fail and make braking to a stop hazardous and difficult. Brake pad replacement is a very important safety feature on your vehicle. Let Madison Muffler & Auto Repair replace your old and worn out brake pads. If your braking seems mushy or you can hear squealing in your brakes when you brake, then you probably need new brake pads. We provide a free brake inspection for your car so bring your automobile in today to have this important auto service performed.

    4 Wheel Alignment

    We also offer front end alignment and 4 wheel alignment services. If your wheels are out of alignment on your vehicle, it will ride rough and cause premature tire wear! With your front end out of alignment your car will pull to the left or right causing premature wear and resulting in early tire replacement. This is an expense that can be avoided. Come in to Madison Muffler & Auto Repair and let us inspect your car for correct wheel alignment.

    Local Car Mechanic

    Sometimes it's hard to find a good local car mechanic. Not only do we specialize in muffler repair and brake service but we also provide local auto repair services. Auto services such as: oil changes, strut replacement, suspension repair, water pump replacement and more. Everything your good old local car mechanic could do.

    Free Estimates on Your Auto Repair!

    We offer free estimates for most auto repair issues you may have. Some repair shops will charge upwards of $65.00 to give you an estimate for the work they need to perform but not at Madison Muffler & Auto Repair. You can count on us to give you a fair and honest assessment for your specific auto repair problem.

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