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    Brake Service and Brake Pad ReplacementOne of the services we provide here at Madison Muffler & Auto Repair is brake pad replacement. Timely brake pad inspection and replacement is a core component of your car maintenance schedule. Worn out brakes can be a safety hazard to you and your family. Also, if the brake pads are not changed in a timely manner then damage can be done to the rotors. If the rotors need to be changed then that can have an adverse effect on the pricing of a brake job. So get your automobile into our brake shop for an inspection. It's free! We will let you know how much life, if any, is left on your current brake pads and we can advise you on the best course of action going forward. Don't wait too long for this vital service as that can be dangerous or expensive.

    Disc Brakes or Drum Brakes

    Whether your vehicle has drum brakes, disc brakes or a combination of the two, we can provide the correct brake pads for your vehicle. With over 120 years combined automotive experience, we will make sure that the brake pads we use on your vehicle will exceed the manufacturer's specifications. There are many differences in brake pads. We can advise you on which one is best in your particular situation.

    Lifetime Warranty on all Brake Pads!

    There was a time when everybody offered a lifetime warranty on their brake pads but those days are long gone. But not here at Madison Muffler & Auto Repair! We still offer a lifetime warranty on every brake pad and shoe that we install. Why pay for brake pads every time you need new brakes? Have us install new brake pads and shoes for you and you won't have to pay for new brake pads in the future. Let the professionals perform this vital service for you!


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